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   Below you can view the Sweet Gifts design, exclusive Balloons. Our Balloons are suitable for almost any occasion where we will quickly deliver your order directly to your door usually within 2 working days.  Our eye catching collection of Designer Sweet Gifts that  you can choose from our large range of over 20 unique designs that are individually hand made with Love and Care. Our Balloons truly look amazing !

As with our entire range, our Balloon Gifts can be made with an endless combination of balloons or decorations where you can choose from one of our unique designs or alternatively, request a Balloon Gift based on your individual requirement or taste.

Dont forget to get in touch with us if you want to order something you cannot see or if you would like us to help with an event or party

We offer delivery to UK Mainland, Wales and Scotland.

Image Name Price
Disney Princess Bubble Balloon Disney Princess Bubble Balloon
  Our 22" Disney Princess Bubble Balloon  Our Disney Princess B…OUT OF STOCK
Disney Tangled Bubble Balloon Disney Tangled Bubble Balloon
  Our 22" Disney Tangled Bubble Balloon  Our Disney Tangled Bub…OUT OF STOCK
Minnie Mouse Bubble Balloon Minnie Mouse Bubble Balloon
    Our 22" Minnie Mouse Bubble Balloon  Our Minnie Mouse …OUT OF STOCK

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